Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Champions League Diary: Chelsea-Barcelona 2nd Leg, 2nd Half

Just like Erin Andrews, I like to take a quick shower at halftime of the game I'm covering. Unlike Ms. Andrews, I like to cover the 2nd half in my houserobe, boxers and flip flops. If it was good enough for Howard Cosell, it's good enough for me.

50:02 - Nice save by Valdes on Drogba, but a better pass would have made this 2-0.

51:22 - Alves is one whiny punk. After spending most of the 1st half hacking and whining, he starts the 2nd by bitching at a teammate for allowing Alves to shoot 10 yards over the goal.

58:55 - Barca apparently thinks that the "short corner" means "kick it to Chelsea players in the penalty box".

59:40 - Alves seems to think he's crossing to Paul Bunyan.

81:00 - The game has devolved into a series of Chelsea pleas for penalties. Ladies and Gentlemen, the beautiful game!

92:00 - NICE! Barcelona had done absolutely nothing (other than watch Alves kick field goals) until this drive. Ouch for Chelsea, and totally undeserved.

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