Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now, THIS is Weaseling

It's extremely common in sports for GMs (or team presidents) to hire and fire coaches to cover their asses. But Bayern Munich has set an example for how it should be done. With 4 games left (out of 38) and needing wins in all, Chairman Rummenigge fired Klinsmann. What makes this brilliant is the timing: if Bayern does win out (it should, with a fairly easy schedule), he's a "genius" for pulling the switch at the right time. If they don't win out, it's Klinsmann's fault (and no mention that he was Rummenigge's first choice for the job). And either way, enough time was given to Klinsi to make it his fault rather than the fault of those who hired him.

So, the lesson in leadership is: if you make a mistake, ignore it until you can try to fix it at the last minute and either get credit or dodge the blame.

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