Sunday, June 21, 2009

But Coach, She Said She Was an Expert at Oral Motivation!

Following their 1-0 win over Italy, several Egyptian players celebrated the traditional way -- with hookers.

Of course, no team wants to be tagged with the copycat label. Other pro soccer players & teams have recently been in the news for sharing prostitutes, multiple hooker orgies, and questions of mistaken gender, but the Egyptians dug deep and found a new angle -- "We Wuz Robbed!" Five players originally reported wallets stolen with a total of $2400 dollars, but they were at a loss to describe how their hotel rooms had not been broken into nor belongings rummaged through. Instead, cops believe that either they bought $2400 in extremely personal services (and were looking for South Africa's hard-earned rep as the African version of Detroit to bail them out) the short-term employees ripped them off, OR tipping is more of a two-way street in the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter the final story, kudos to the team and FIFA for finding a way to distract me from the USA's miserable 135 minutes of soccer since being up 1-0 on Italy.


Anonymous said...

Egyptian players Impossible to do such act and of the famous in South Africa is the abnormally incidence of theft. What Newspaper and others say this is absolutely false, because if there is any thefts act to players will be the position of South Africa for the next World Cup 2010 is very critical

Chad said...

All your base are belong to us!!!!

jtingermany said...