Thursday, June 18, 2009

Confed Cup: USA - Brazil Thoughts

With the early start, I couldn't pull away in time to get an online diary, but I did manage to catch the last 30 minutes at a pub. On the bright side, they did serve beer, which was necessary.

- While Brazil did look good against the USA, the days of Jogo Bonito are gone. In its place is Jogo Oscaro -- playing for the call. If there was even a whiff of contact, the South Americans dropped like rocks. At least with Ronaldinho off the pitch, the team could find a central midfielder that can run at least from midfield to the box when nachos weren't involved.

- It's clear these two teams have been shaped by the World Cup in '94 -- Brazil has the captain of that team (wearing an outfit borrowed from Ross on Friends) as coach and the style is his -- gritty, floppy with occasional breaks for style. The USA team tried to play D and score off set pieces and corners. This is not a good thing for the USA. In '02 they showed attacking flair, but in '09 all they've shown is a flair for red cards.

- How did Klejstan start ahead of Adu, Torres or Feilhaber? Is Altidore completely out of shape? And the photos that DMBeasley has of coach Bradley, do they involve farm animals, hookers, or Bruce Arena? Or all 3? I just don't see how he keeps getting time on the team. Stick Bocanegra at left back (where he plays for his club) and be done with it.

- It's not a good sign when you feel that you'd prefer to be at work than watching your team. I know that all soccer fans have Cassandra Complexes, but I am not even vaguely heartened by the showing at the tournament -- 7-1 aggregate against Brazil and Italy has convinced me that looking into a South Africa trip just isn't worth it.

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