Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being an Insensitive Jackass is Gender Independent

When I saw the headline "Boss 'sorry' over fake boobs joke", I made the sexist assumption that the "boss" in question was a man. Wrong! What did the "boss" do or say that was offensive? These were the lowlights of her actions to an employee who had had both breasts removed due to cancer:

- She gave her a pair of fake breasts (with tassels!) for Christmas
- She would repeatedly say things like, 'keep abreast of things, Janet' or 'you've dropped a boob there'

However, to make things right, the boss fired her. Then, after losing a wrongful termination lawsuit, she apologized and said she never meant to cause offense*. Riiiiiiiiight.

* Being British, she probably didn't want to cause offenCe, actually.

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