Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fly, My Pretties, Fly!

After I discovered a sleeper cell of fruit flies in some disappointing strawberries, I tried everything, to no avail. Finally, I figured I would turn them to my own devious ends -- who doesn't need minions, especially winged ones? Alas, even when I screech in my best Margaret Hamilton voice, the fruit flies still don't attack Dorothy (or her little dog, too). But the incident did lead me to a Beatles song I've never heard, which is cool.

But then I was jonesing for some flying monkey action. While they scared me as a kid, as an adult I am deeply disappointed that they didn't go after Glinda, The Uppity Witch of The North (South in the books). She's clearly modeled on the southern belles that would later infest sororities across the USA. I could go on for hours, since this is one of my Top 5 Movies of All Time. Also, check out the best movie review, ever.

So endeth the rambling post.

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Micha said...

Try a glass of vinegar with dish liquid in it against the fruit flies. Very effective!