Monday, July 06, 2009

How Stupid Are You? A Quiz for Public Figures

Question 1: If you are a public figure, when is it OK to refer to Hitler in a positive light?
A) Anytime
B) If you applaud his rebuilding of Germany but lament the Holocaust, it's fine.
C) You're in Germany between 1932 and 1945
D) Never

How to score your quiz? If you answered:
A) You're a complete moron. Feel free to chug 5-10 beers and hop on a motorcycle.
B) You're a partial moron. Rather than thinking before speaking, you should hire a chimpanzee to do your interviews for you.
C) If you're there by choice, you're a complete moron. Otherwise you get an Incomplete.
D) Correct! While you might still be a moron, at least you have passed Giving an Interview 101.


Steve said...

well, he was a dog lover. so could he be all bad?

justa askin.

Chad W said...

Wow... this wasn't the place I was expecting F1 content!