Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kirmes 2009 Fireworks

One thing I miss about the USA is the 4th of July fireworks (and in DFW, the double dose you get with Addison's on the 3rd). Sure, there are some at New Year's, but cold & rainy isn't really the same as midsummer excitement. Which makes the Kirmes (a carnival or fun fair, for you Brits), a welcome change of pace. And this year I even managed to get a few half-decent photos. Enjoy!


Chad W said...

Nice work! I'v never successfully photographed fireworks.

jtingermany said...

Yeah, the fireworks setting combined with my mini-tripod and a 2 second delay on the shutter worked really well. of course, "really well" means i took 20 or so and these were the only ones that came out. So, the lesson is, of course, low standards :)