Saturday, July 25, 2009

London: Fashion Victims

One great thing about hanging out with Margaret is that we share a love of mocking people. Fortunately for us, roughly 1% of Londoners dress to satisfy this desire.
Unfortunately, the Tube will stop if you take a flash photo*, so you have to accept this one taken surreptitiously. I couldn't tell if she was teenaged and clueless or twenties and clueless.

I'm pretty bummed by this -- the combo of the 'fro, bright pink and leather/vinyl didn't really come out. But, still.

I'm pretty sure Yellow Dress wasn't fooled by our attempts to take a shot of her while faking a photo of Meg, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, in person she was clearly trying MUCH harder to get attention. Not a good sign if people are unsure if it's for a costume party or just a night out.

* Fing terrorists.


Albert said...

Yeah, I did like the fashion conscious in London. Also, don't forget that London is a major gay hotspot. High fashion and gay can often go hand in hand.

jtingermany said...

So I've been told!