Saturday, August 01, 2009

Introducing... Curly Howard

Regular blog readers* will remember my story of buying a potentially stolen bike for 20 Euro. 110 Euro later, and the aforementioned bike is the newest member of my two-wheeled harem: Curly Howard. I'd been waiting for an appropriate bike to take the moniker of the most beloved stooge*, and I've found it.

So, my current bike harem numbers four (Moe, Curly, the injured Larry, and the injured-but-not-yet-introduced Margaret Dumont***). Anyone interested in joining for a daytrip need only ask -- the Stooges Bike Service**** is open for business.

* Obviously, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan are more beloved Stooges amongst conservatives, but I'm a purist**.
** I.e. flaming liberal.
*** Yeah, I know she worked with the Marx Brothers and not the Stooges, but she's the only female comedic foil from that era whose name I actually knew.
**** Dewey, Ridem, & Howe.

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magpie said...

You get 5 points for the Margaret Dumont reference.