Saturday, August 01, 2009

Living The High Life in Europe

So, you've been hearing me gloat over the good life in Europe, and you wonder, "What, exactly, is a day of the good life?"

Allow me to break it down for you:

10:15 am: Depart the 'dorf on bikes for Krefeld
10:45 am: Stop to eat wild blackberries on the roadside
11:15 am: Stop again to prevent the impending ecological disaster that is blackberry overload.
11:45 am: Gorge oneself on large amounts of tasty Vietnamese food (including barbecue), accompanied by Cobra beer
12:30 pm: Ignore urge to nap in the sun
12:45 pm: Stop to check out wine store and verify that "Probiertheke" does, indeed, mean free samples. Repeat as necessary.
2:00 pm: Mock eurotrash jackholes while waiting for friend to complete quixotic quest for jalepeƱos in Germany
2:15 pm: Enjoy glasses of refreshing vinho verde for 1.50E per glass
4:00 pm: Switch to equally cheap Sagres
5:00 pm: Go home to fulfill blogger's obligation to taunt friends.

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