Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Bipolar Movie Night!

Last night was my semi-regular* Bipolar Movie Night. Last time it was "Taken" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic"**. Since I was solo last night, I went for manly movies -- "Frost/Nixon" and "Wolverine". One was the story of two men locked in a battle of wits over one man's past and both men's futures, with both lead performances Oscar-worthy. The other, of course, was about a talk show host interviewing the man who made Americans realize that their Presidents weren't just human, but possibly sub-human. I kid. I don't really think Hugh Jackman was Oscar-worthy. Maybe just a Golden Globe.

The prognosis? "Frost/Nixon" was fabulous, though it did make me want to punch Frank Langella. "Wolverine" wasn't nearly was bad as I'd heard, at least until the end. Then, rather than kicking up the action a notch, it kicked up the stupidity several notches. So, enjoy "Frost/Nixon" for a battle of wits and a surprisingly sympathetic insight into the Sleaze-In-Chief, and enjoy the first 80 minutes or so of Wolverine. Adamantium memory-wiping bullets. Ugh.

* Or is it bi-regular? I can never remember.
** Guess which one was my pick?

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