Monday, September 28, 2009

"Live" Blogging the TSoS Podcast

You have to give it to King Wally -- unlike most old people, he may not be regular, but he is funny. He and the Jester did their first Drunk Lunch and since I couldn't call in*, I decided to give you a quick recap. This is known in the blogger world as "post-mooching"**.

0-19 Minutes - I'm sure they brought the funny, but I was too focused on work. The main theme was that $20 bottles of beer aren't the best investment ever.
19:30 - I'm going to take the Jester out of context -- "I'm not interested if it doesn't moo or oink"
23:00 - King Wally lives up to the title as he and the Jester spend 2 minutes arguing over KW's website. It ends up KW was wrong.
27:00 - The Jester is bitter about beer and relationships!
29:00 - CSI: The Village! Tonight's episode: Do two local unemployed drunks hear a crime or does the neighbor just enjoy screaming?
34:00 - The Jester and King Wally seem to be on the Merv Griffin set or at least they think they're hosting a talk show.
38:00 - Hey! I clicked 3 times!
42:00 - Just thinking about the Jester as a freshman in high school makes me laugh
45:00 - It's "The View"! The guys display a "little hostility in here" as they talk about losing 20 pounds each.
48:00 - Clearly both hosts are familiar with Afternoon Delight...
50:00 - ... and also with bukake.
53:00 - Does Jebus want King Wally to take the job or not?
55:00 - The Jester implies that he has a Brazilian wax. Single life has not been kind to him.

* Mainly because I didn't know about it.
** Actually, it probably isn't. But I like the term.

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