Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reason No. 11 Why I'm Glad I'm Not a Woman

As a guy, I never have to deal with this particular tableau (names have been changed):

The setting is an office cubicle. A woman, Tara, sits at her desk on a conference call. A second, *slightly* slimmer woman approaches from behind her and places her arm next to Tara's as if comparing wrists. Tara notices and...

Tara (Covers the phone): I'm on a call -- What are you doing?
Christy: Arnold is giving his wife a bracelet and wanted to know what size. She's bigger than me, so I thought of you.
Tara: Me?
Christy: Yes, I have small, delicate wrists -- yours are much bigger.
Tara (Barely suppressing rage): I have to go.

This would never happen between two guys -- the whole charade to imply that one person is fatter/flatter/less attractive just doesn't happen. Not that men are perfect at human interaction, but this particular annoying tactic is almost entirely restricted to the ladies. You have fun with that!

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