Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dropping Il Duce*

One of the annoyances/highlights of my first year in Germany was dealing with pretentious Germans (definitely a minority, most sympathized with my plight) that personally attacked me for the actions of my (ugh) President. These jackholes apparently saw no irony whatsoever in blaming me for the actions of an elected official that I didn't even vote for. I would let the deutschbags drone on for a bit, give them a few outs, and if they didn't take the chances -- I'd drop the H bomb. "I appreciate your insights, coming from a culture that has never acted in fear or ignorance to elect a government that later committed horrible acts of aggression... oh wait. Never mind. Just fuck off." If they tried to argue, it would get really fun, bec.ause, as everyone knows, once you bring up Hitler, rational conversation is finished

So,after learning that Mussolini's nickname was "Il Duce" (thanks to "The Know-It-All"), I look forward to my next trip to bella Italia in hopes that I can sucker someone into letting me "drop Il Duce". Such are the small pleasures of living in Europe.

* This post dedicated to John Martin, King of Deuce Droppers

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hey...i lifted a quote from you. let me know if it's a problem and i'll delete it. angrylilazngrl