Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Secret of A-Rod's Success

Everyone wonders why A-Rod is finally successful in the off-season. The reason is devilishly clever: during A-Rod's steroid suspension hip rehabilitation, manager Joe Girardi merely changed all calendars in the Yankee organization to the Julian calendar. A-Rod now thinks that it's November 9 and that he's playing in a off-season league for HGH test subjects.

How did he discover this strategy? It's also how Obama managed to prevent the Democratic party from losing the election for him -- their strategists all thought they had at least another 10 days to start running their "Palin IS Qualified" ads.


Anonymous said...

Way to borrow Sports Guy's "Jordan's first retirement = gambling suspension" schtick.

Though, both are very plausible.

jtingermany said...

I thought so. And I kind of assumed every non-Spankee fan in the USA felt the same. Maybe I'm just more of a conspiracy theorist than most.