Thursday, October 15, 2009

Worst. Qualification. Ever.

My soccer-based elation Sunday has now officially disappeared. First, Charlie Davies, the only US speedster other than Landon "Balding Pele" Donovan, barely survives a car wreck that killed another passenger, but he will be 6-12 months recovring from a pu pu platter of serious injuries -- broken tibia, broken femur*, ruptured bladder**. Then our rock in central defense, Oguchi Onyewu, tears his patellar tendon during the waning moments of a meaningless (for the USA) game against Costa Rica. While he should only be out 3-4 months, that still doesn't bode well for his readiness for South Africa.

On the bright side, Argentina qualified, barely, and so I should have another 8 months or so of Maradona jokes before he mismanages them out of the World Cup. Maradona did lash out at his critics, saying, "the media criticized me for having a Columbian agricultural coop, Pablo's Dolces de Nariz, sponsor the team, but the energy and megalomania we showed validated my choice."

* This would not, technically, stop a Drunken Lemur
** Please, no jokes about how one shouldn't try to hold it in on long car rides

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