Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LOTR Rewatch: Fellowship of the Ring Part 2

2:20 - (Time from flipping the disc) Bilbo's bit of crazy here woke me up after the extremely slow interlude in Rivendell.

3:45 - Time for more walking!

4:45 - While stirring, this focus-on-each-character scene is exactly the kind of padding that's important in a long movie. When else will you go to the bathroom?

9:15 - The whole avalanche scene seems like the perfect place for a product placement for North Face's Gore-Tex Robes.

14:30 - After seeing Saruman conjure up a storm, Gandalf's inability to open the doors is rather underwhelming.

18:30 - I've gotta blame Pippin for the attack of the lake creature -- such a moron.

20:30 - So, what did the dwarves do with all the rock they carved out to make Moria? Is there a huge pile of rubble on the other side of the lake?

26:00 - As Gandalf goes to read the story of Balin, you can see the idiocy building in Pippin's eyes. Who can read when there's so much trouble to be caused?

32:30 - The moron twins finally are of some use -- all it took was Frodo's apparent death to get them moving.

40:00 - Gandalf can't take Saruman, but he's ok to face off the Balrog?

42:00 - Or maybe not.

44:15 - And cue second elvish interlude. Only Enya was excited about this.

49:00 - Am I the only one that thinks Galadriel's man is a himbo?

1:00:00 - How bored is the orc with the history lesson? Why does boring old man insist on delaying the killing?

1:01:10 - How does an orc get stuck with the job of Uruk-Hai dresser?

1:03:50 - Christmas comes early for the fellowship!

1:11:00 - Ok, the giant statues are pretty cool.

1:16:30 - Why is it so windy in Ring-world?

1:28:00 - For 6 (Frodo and Sam kind of weaseled) vs a horde, losing 1 while taking out, what, 100 orcs isn't bad. Unless, of course, you're Boromir.

1:29:40 - I thought at first they were pulling an Obi-Wan with Gandalf in the movie. But no, just a memory.

1:30:30 - And so start the rumors of The Love Which Hobbits Dare Not Name

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