Friday, November 20, 2009

LOTR Rewatch: The Two Towers Part 2

2:45 - Ok, the romantic interlude is not working for me. That it's in Elvish makes the dialogue slightly less cheesy, but still.

8:30 - Hooray for warg-riders to save us from the sappiness! I'm sure the Rohirrim will agree that a few deaths is a small price to pay for the end of the treacle.

13:55 - I'm glad my doctor went with the normal stitches instead of the orc-style metal plates. They look cool, but with the dorf's drizzly weather, they'd rust in a hurry.

15:20 - "We're safe!" Not so fast, darlin'.

17:00 - For someone who is, at best, the other woman to an elf princess, Eowyn sure takes Aragorn's "death" hard.

18:05 - Gunpowder! What wizardry is this?

20:10 - Note to self: when plummeting off a cliff while tied to a nasty beast, be sure to pass out in the river face UP. Also make sure your horse has more faith in your survival ability than do your friends.

31:45 - The creepy Boromir death flashback doesn't really inspire one with confidence in Faramir. Though the fact that Boromir thought to bring kegs to a battle is great.

34:55 - Talk about overbearing fathers! No wonder Boromir went ring-crazy. Better life as a ringwraith than that home life.

38:05 - Faramir's not the only one to be taken aback to hear that Gollum is "bound" to Frodo.

49:00 - Theoden's not the most optimistic guy, is he?

53:00 - Maybe Legolas, Gimli & Aragorn know more than me, but trashing the guys you're going to war with doesn't seem like the best move to me.

59:20 - The elves sure know how to give off an air of insufferable arrogance, don't they?

1:01:00 - Hordes of orcs and now rain? Wonderful!

1:20:00 - Ah, Pippin, a rare moment of usefulness. Perhaps being taller helped?

1:28:30 - Did Gimli get stuck with horn duty because he can't ride to save his life?

1:30:00 - The attack of the ents is like a dream come true to many a Greenpeace-nik.

1:34:35 - "It's your Sam!" Way to put those rumors to rest, Sam. And which is the more bizarre love triangle, Sam-Frodo-Smeagol or Frodo-Ring-Gollum?

1:36:45 - "What are we holding onto, Sam?" Um, Dreams of future showers? Lice? Shreds of heterosexuality?

1:41:30 - Hmmmm... giggling after finding "weed". More fuel for the fire, so to speak.

1:43:00 - "Go with the good will of all men" Except, of course, all those working for Sauron. Not as friendly, that bunch.

1:45:00 - So, what happened to the crazy mountain men Saruman hired? They plundered a village and then just headed for the hills?

1:47:30 - Don't Frodo & Sam ever wonder what Smeagol is saying during his extended monologues? Or is he just so bat-shit crazy that they figure it's normal behavior?

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