Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, That's Seinfeldipitous

While watching "The Marble Rye" from Season 7 of Seinfeld today, the Notes About Nothing informed me that the night scenes were filmed on Nov 21, 1995. It's pretty sweet* to be watching the episode on the 14th anniversary of Jerry reeling in a marble rye.

I have to admit, I look forward to springing Frank Costanza's hen-rooster-chicken dilemma ("So they all have sex with the chicken? That's perverse!") on an unsuspecting German audience son. The lack of popularity of the best non-animated sitcom, ever, in Germany means that I have an endless series of amusing anecdotes where I do material from the show to a variety of responses. Stay tuned for follow-ups!

* i.e., pathetic

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