Sunday, December 06, 2009

Top 5 of 2000s: Best Bar Crawls

If you're reading on Facebook and can't see the photos, click for Brussels 2009 and here for Nac 2002.

5. NYC, 2005 - Fun, but no pics. The highlight was definitely the KGB bar. But two people isn't critical mass for a good crawl.

4. Addison, 2003(?) - The drama started with one of the organizers bringing two dates, (never a good idea), then it ended with the other organizer's date spraining her ankle being "independent" (and drunk). Good times!

3. Nacogdoches, 2003 - While it was fun, even adding the handful of One Night Stand attendees couldn't top the original. We did barely avoid a huge brawl at a frat party, thanks largely to me overhearing the plans to kick Chip's ass (justified, as he was throwing chips at people).

2. Brussels, 2009 - Not an official bar crawl, but it turned into a great one. And (one of) the first great bar crawl of the 2010s will be a direct result of this one. Details to follow in mid-2010.

1. Nacogdoches, 2002 - I was inspired by Alex and the boys at Simple Prop's crawl diary in 2002. We hit every bar in Nacogdoches, starting with a possibly illegal pool hall north of town. We then hit the bar at La Carreta, Jitterbugs (who refused service so early, but whatever), Flashback, the 2 bars at the bowling alley, 9 Flags, the one downtown, Bullfrogs and a few others. Along the way we learned that John's mutant power is the ability to correctly guess any woman's bra size (he was 5 for 5 with the waitresses), there was plenty of cock-blocking and general jackassery. Chad is still bummed he missed it.


Steve said...

Dangit, now I have to do bar crawls. Please notify me when you go off script.

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jtingermany said...

Will do. I probably should have included my birthday crawl. Oh well.