Monday, December 14, 2009

Stolen Top 10 of 2000s: Best Trips

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10. (Tie) 3. Schlitterbahn 2003 - Our first annual trip to the Schlitt and the Guadeloupe taught me one lesson: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Other highlights? Karen passing out in the shower, "Megi's Drunk!" and later finding out both couples in our room were surreptitiously frisky.

Wine Trip 2004 - It's November, raining, and barely 50deg. Would you prefer to be driving around the Hill Country with your best friends or playing ultimate? If you picked the former, you're correct. If you picked the latter, I'll bet you don't have a photo of your feet taken by a drunk, elderly winemaking woman.

9. Épernay 1 2 - There's no manlier destination for two single guys than the Champagne region. Great booze, good scenery, what more does a trip need?

8. Barcelona 2008 - When the LeGarrows come to Europe, one makes sure to get in on the fun. Amy and Corey cut loose when they cross the ocean, and it shouldn't be missed. Also, Barcelona has great nightlife, art, food, drink and beautiful people. And the weather's not bad, either.

7. Ireland 2009 Ireland 1 2 3- If you haven't heard, Ireland is kind of beautiful. They also have a beer called Guinness that is quite tasty. Especially at a pub in Ballyferriter. Unless you're stuck drinking the bitterest peppermint tea ever. So, the scenery is nice, but make sure your two non-drinking traveling companions are the ones on the rental agreement.

6. Croatia 2009 - Saenz, Shady and I risked our lives on some of the sketchiest "highways" I've been on. But we also saw the beautiful Dalmatian coast, Split, Dubrovnik. We also saw people preparing for the Picigin world championships, a sport whose garb is described by Wikipedia as "the only proper garment to wear while playing Picigin is a tight speedo". And so ended my thoughts of playing Picigin.

5. Italy 2008 - Taking the fam to Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna and parts in between was fun. The highlight might have been Noah coming back from the train bathroom to say, "Guys, the bathroom is AWESOME!!! When you flush it just opens a hole onto the ground!"

4. Prague 2007 - Ah, Prague. Great beer, the hottest women in Europe, and an old town almost untouched by war*. Chad and I had an impressive amount of fun.

3. Morocco 2007 - My first trip to Africa was a blast. Great food, friendly people, and perfect weather. As for the week afterward leashed to the bathroom? I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate end to 2007, by far my worst year of the decade.

2. Budapest 2006 - My parents weren't able to visit me when I studied there in 1993, so it was great to be able to take them to see Budapest and Eger.

1. Europe 2006 - 6 great friends of mine, 6 countries, far too much good booze and food -- not a bad way to spend 2 weeks.

* Thanks to their strategy of mailing letters to both sides in World War II. The letters read, "Thanks for your interest in bombing our city, but we will be on vacation until 1950. Please direct inquiries and ordinance to Warsaw, Poland."

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