Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of 2000s: TV Shows

I watch lots of TV, but not a big variety. I don't go for CSI, NCIS, ICN, SCN, or any of the other cop shows. I don't watch "reality" shows, and sports on a 7 hour delay (so, the next morning) isn't so cool. And German TV? Good for language, bad for one's funny bone*. Also, I've only included shows I started watching in the naughts. No Sopranos, The Wire, etc. for me. I've watched all of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and while it has its moments, it's no Seinfeld. I will say last year's season of The Simpsons, the last 3 seasons of SNL and The Clone Wars would have been numbers 6-8 on a Top 10 list. "Community" is rapidly moving towards spot in the Top 10, and "Smallville" would have rounded it out, since I enjoyed it back in the day.

5. The Office - I enjoy it more than the UK version (yeah, yeah, blow me anglophiles), but I think the day-to-day antics have suffered as the show tries to carry a plot. I still enjoy the wackiness, though.

4. Mad Men - I got tired of reading the Sports Guy rant about how great this is, so I watched an episode. Two years later and I'm still hooked. And Joan? Yo yo ma.

3. 30 Rock - "You have sexually transmitted crazy mouth", "[Donaghy Estates Champagne] tastes like the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus", and "Are you a pre-op trans-centaur" are but a smattering of the hundreds of great lines from the witties sitcom of the decade.

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2. The Daily Show - John Stewart is my favorite news source, even if he's not the fairest. His bias against stupidity and for comedy is ok by me**.

Clayton Bigsby - The most amazing home videos are here
1. Chappelle's Show - "I'm Rick James, bitch!" , Clayton Bigsby, The Niggar Family, The Playa Haters Ball and so many more. The only criticism I'll accept is that it only lasted two seasons. But any given episode had more laughs than you get in the average season of "Two and a Half Men"***

* No matter what Germans claim, the deutsch dubbing of the Simpsons isn't even vaguely comparable. An easy example -- they had to change "Doh" to "Nein!" (German for "No!"). Not. The. Same. Worse.
** As is his liberal slant. But at least he's up front about that. Unlike, say, Fox "News".
*** This is unfair, as I've enjoyed the few episodes I've seen. But it's just not even in the same league as Chappelle. Of course, their writers didn't lose their shiznit after 2 seasons.

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