Friday, December 04, 2009

My Third Favorite Holiday: ProRep

Tomorrow is the 76th anniversary of the official end of Prohibition! So get out your stills!

Ok, so none* of us have stills, but here's my plan for celebrating one of the few moments in American history when common sense triumphed over knee-jerk close-minded religious craziness**.

Tonight: Act normally and drink wine with dinner. And perhaps a last drink before the curtain is dropped on fun and life becomes the plaything of organized crime***.

Morning: To symbolize Prohibition, I am taking ALL my (empty) liquor bottles to the recycling and hiding the rest.

Lunch: I will eat lunch while sipping surreptitiously from a flask to remember the dark days. Then I will watch "Homer vs the 18th Amendment" to get in the mood.

Afternoon: I will go to the Christmas Market to "shop" while I am really just going to booze it up and socialize -- a German substitute for a speakeasy.

Evening: Let the celebrations commence!

* Except Steve and maybe dan -- if beer counts as whiskey?
** Yeah, I know, not all the prohibitionists were motivated by religion, but why let facts interfere with a rant?
*** I.e., the Kennedys.

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