Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stolen Top 10 of the 2000s : Sporting Events Attended(ish)

"Over the course of December, I will present a variety of lists for your enjoyment, amusement and, perhaps, tiny bits of jealousy and pity. These will often be Top 5 lists. But there may be a Top 10 list here or there.

I'll start out with a list that it is doubtful can be changed in any significant ways between now and Jan 2010. It is the top five* sporting events I personally attended:

Big thanks to King Wally for the idea AND the intro! Here are my top 10, in reverse order:

10. Dallas Cup, USA u-17 vs ? - Seeing Freddy Adu dominate guys 4 years older was pretty sweet. Too bad it hasn't happened again.

9. Dallas Stars v San Jose, Dec 14, 2007 - You know it's going to be a good game when your 10th row seats magically become glass-side. And then the guy next to you gets his beer knocked into his lap seconds after placing it next to the glass. And his date hits on all three of us while he goes to the bathroom. And then she mocks the douche.

8. MLS Cup, Nov 13, 2005 - "La la lalala, La la lalala, LA Sucks Ass!" Not the most exciting match, but lots of fun to sing songs mocking both teams. "Cobi Jones, Superstar, hung like a girl and he wears a bra!" (to the tune of "Jesus Christ, Superstar)

7. USA-Mexico, Men's Soccer Friendly at the Cotton Bowl, April 28, 2004 - Eddie Pope scored the winner in a 1-0 victory in front of a crowd that was at least 90% cheering for Mexico. Asshats.

6. USA-Mexico, Feb 28, 2001 - Watching the USA beat Mexico 2-0 in a packed sports bar was the first time I'd watched soccer with a crowd anywhere near as excited as I was. That it was against Mexico made it even better.

5. Braves - Cubs, Oct 5, 2003 - Getting game-day tickets to the clinching game in a playoff series? Not bad. Seeing the Cubs win a playoff series? Cool. Joining the entire stadium in a pregame Tomahawk Chop, only to later hear most of those people cheer for the Cubs? Freaking awesome.

4. NCAA Men's Soccer College Cup, 2003(ish) - Making up chants to mock players I don't know? Getting the people around me to start calling a guy "Junior"** because that's what we're calling him? Sure!

3. USA-Mexico***, 2-0 June 16, 2002 - Getting up early has never been more fun! Watching McBride and Donovan stick it to Mexico is as good as watching soccer on TV gets (for a fan of the USA). To have jackass Rafael Marquez red carded for being a punk-ass bitch was the icing on the cake. Suck it, Mexico.

2. Tottenham vs Leicester City, Feb 22, 2004 - a 4-4 Premier League match featuring Kasey Keller (all 4 goals were a result of Keller stranded by an incompetent defense). Of the 8 goals, 6 were scored on our side of the field. No rioting, but otherwise, all one could hope for from English soccer.

1. French Open, May 29-30 2008 - Great weather, great seats, great tennis. What more can you ask? The shallow male would answer: smokin' hot women's tennis players. I would answer: nothing. Scott & I saw the Bryan brothers, Nadal, Serena mailing it in, Dementieva NOT choking, Kuerten's final match at Roland Garros -- not a bad two days.

* Steve did 5, I'm doing 10. But I'm quoting, so that's life.
** I called him "Junior" because he looked so tiny compared to the others. Later I noticed he was the exact height and weight I was in college. Heh.
*** Yes, I realize 30% of my list are the USA beating Mexico. Bite Me.


Steve said...

I dunno. There was an awful lot of quality on that list.

As stated, some of my lists will be Top 10. I just couldn't think of 10 quality events. 2 or 3 others may have made the list, but no one wants a top 7 list.

I do like the dueling nature of this.

Prests - tiny insects that annoy the clergy.

jtingermany said...

Now I have "Dueling Banjos" (Bloggos?) in my head. Dammit!

I was about to do a top 7, then I remembered a few more. Though you could do a top 6, then a top 7, etc.

Chad W said...

Woo hoo.... I was at 5 of these!