Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The AP - Tool of The BCS Establishment

When Boise State and TCU were announced to play in the Fiesta Bowl, cynics like me saw it as the BCS's way of giving the teams a no-win situation.  A blowout meant the loser was a fraud.  A tight high-scoring game meant both teams had bad defense.  Now?  A 17-10 game decided on a fake kick means that both teams have bad offenses.

Take the "impartial" AP's take on the evening:

Some wondered whether the Broncos deserved a shot at the national title. On this night, they were just barely good enough to edge Mountain West champion TCU, snapping the Horned Frogs ' 14-game win streak.

The clear implication is that Boise State wasn't worthy of the national title, as they were "just barely good enough" to beat TCU.  They should just be open about their bias and write:

GO BIG 5 Conferences!!!

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Steve said...

So you won't be coming to my GMAC Bowl watching party tomorrow?

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