Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live Blogging: African Cup of Nations Algeria-Egypt

Halftime - I understand that the Algeria tourism board wants to save cash by using the same commercials they made 2 years ago. However, why not redub the voiceover that claims, "We're already preparing for the 2010 CAN!" We're watching the semis -- either you're prepared or not.

Halftime - How do you know it's the right station for COCAN 2010? If the commercials only feature Africans, it's a good bet you're not watching anything else on German TV

Halftime - That was pretty weak on the penalty. Who stops, mid-run, to see where the keeper is going? And why didn't the ref call it back? Very, very lame. I hope he doesn't plan to celebrate that goal with a post-game hooker.

47:20 - Apparently Egypt's #17 thought that the person red carded was the keeper -- otherwise his shot from near the midfield circle is even less reasonable.

48:20 - Egypt's #3 suffered from a very harsh psychosomatic foul there. I often need to be carted off the field when my opponent gets within 6 inches of touching me.

52:20 - You know, I'm going to be bummed if Egypt wins this for the 3rd time in my 4 years in the Dorf but this time I miss the guys driving around all night honking their horns. Oh, wait, no I won't miss that.

53:40 - "The Pharaohs"? As easy as it is to make these guys go down, they should be called "The Dream Dates".

59:55 - Apparently Algeria has also caught the Italian Flu, but the ensuing free kick is punched away for a corner.

61:30 - Did the Egyptian team vote to wear the world's tightest jerseys? If they were cotton, I'd have pegged it as a Costanza, but instead I'm betting Casey picked them out.

64:00 - Now, THAT's some sweet action. First, a cheeky backheel followed by a nutmeg, then a great shot to make it 2-0. Get out those earplugs, Europe.

66:40 - At what point do the Algerian players respond to Egyptian trash talk with, "I'm glad to get a bit of extra rest before the World Cup. But you'll probably enjoy having June free."

69:00 - Hey, look, an Egyptian player acted like he was maimed when he was only brushed -- on the foot he's not holding.

70:00 - And Algeria decides that phantom fouls aren't enough and gets another red for a late, sloppy challenge. I have a bad feeling the USA will be the one getting the cards in June, though.

81:00 - Well, the 3rd goal pretty much wraps it up.

86:50 - And the 3rd red card does end the match. But how is it a red (via a 2nd yellow) if he didn't touch the guy? Shouldn't there be contact for a yellow?

88:20 - That's a sweet little dance the replacement keeper did as he waited to come in. But the neard? I'm not feeling it.

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Steve said...

I love sports and live blogging. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems line the equivalent of live blogging the Southland Conference championship.

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