Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look, Jackass, My Name Is Not Richard!

Lately I've had the pleasure* of doing quite a bit of work, over the phone and email, with some colleagues in India. I've discovered that my name almost invariably causes problems (I'm thinking initials aren't too popular in the subcontinent). Replies to my emails usually start, "Dear Richardson," which is fine as some Citi email systems list the surname first.

Today, however, I had someone reply to an email that started, "Dear Richard". WTF? Do I randomly chop off part of your name when I reply? Noooo, I cut and paste to make sure I spell it right. Double-click, Control-C, click, Control-fing-V. It's not that hard, brainiac.

I wouldn't be nearly so annoyed, but in his email he said that he couldn't give me the information I needed without 2 pieces of information from me. Info that I had already given to him. In the email he was replying to. Dolt.

Thus endeth the rant.

* Like I had the pleasure of foot surgery in November.


Nancy said...

Can I call ya Eddie? Pretty please........

seanlb said...

good rant bro