Monday, January 18, 2010

The NBA on MLK Day -- Come See The Big, White Italian Guy

In case you didn't know*, today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The Knicks have managed to offend twice in one ad.  First, they claim that the Pistons are an NBA team, when all footage I've seen this year disproves this.  Second, of all the players on the Knicks, which is admittedly a motley crew, they chose Gallinari for the promo.  Why?  There are a few theories:

  • The Knicks are promoting their only dual-minority player -- he has a jump shot AND was a high draft pick.
  • The Knicks don't see color.  Or defense.
  • Eddy Curry ate the rest of the team.
  • Their other ad, announcing "Only 9 Months Til LeBron!" wasn't approved by the league.
  • The Knicks are actually trying to embrace MLK's dream of a post-racial society, rather than engaging in shameless pandering**.
* And if you didn't, you're clearly a racist. Or just out of it.
** This theory is courtesy of Kristine, who apparently hasn't worked at Citi long enough to think the worst of everyone.  I give her a few more months before she figures it out.

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