Friday, January 22, 2010

What's The Deal With Organic Wine?

I try to buy organic when I can, because, as a flaming liberal, it really nourishes my sense of moral superiority. Organic milk also seems to taste better than its normal counterpart, as do the organic fruits and veggies. And the organic turkey I cooked for Thanksgiving was amazing.

So, then, why are all the organic wines I've tried such crap? I picked out a Spanish Tempranillo (I'm assuming that's Catalan for "red"). It had the usual organic markup of 25-30% from my normal table wine (ViƱa Albali, quite tasty at 4E a bottle). The quality? Ouch. I'll be going back to polluting, unhealthy, but tasty wine. Not for the environment, but to keep my sense of moral superiority in check.

I will, however, keep an open mind if anyone wants to prove me wrong on this.

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