Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Wars Rewatch: The Empire Strikes Back Part 2

1:05:20 - Oooooh! "Bounty Hunters -- we don't need their scum" -- "Yes, sir" I love the delivery -- just trying not to piss off the boss until he leaves. I think the various scenes of the Empire at work are second only to "Office Space" in portraying life in a big corporation. Or maybe just at Citigroup.

1:05:55 - In some ways, the bounty hunters scene shows Lucas in a nutshell -- great with visuals and setup, but the promise tends to be better than the delivery. Why didn't we see Boba (or Jango, whatever!) Fett disintegrate anyone? I feel ripped off.

1:06:30 - When Capt. Needa says he'll take full responsibility, is it just me or does his subordinate give him the same look Troy McClure gave to cows headed to Bovine University?

1:07:45 - Yoda's just the most sadistic yoga instructor, ever.

1:09:00 - "Do or do not -- there is no try" Maybe with a better pep talk Luke could have done it. Instead? Luke goes into full pout.

1:11:00 - Yoda has gotten far more mystical after 20 years of solitude -- "luminous beings are we," indeed. I think some of mushrooms he eats must be magical.

1:13:00 - "Apology accepted, Captain Needa". Do people want body duty on Vader's ship? Or is it a crap job? I'm think it's safe -- Vader's gotten his killing out of his system and is off to hang out in Sith Nook.

1:15:00 - "Bespin's pretty far..." Duh. It's space. Everything is fing far.

1:15:55 - Unfortunately for Han, his moment is immediately followed by Boba Fett's much cooler (and shorter) moment.

1:17:30 - "Always in motion is the future." Thanks for that tip, Yoda. If it weren't in motion, it would be the past.

1:19:00 - Bespin is one of Lucas's cooler ideas for a world. I do think this is the one film that is improved by the special edition -- it only makes sense that people living on a floating city would want lots of windows.

1:19:55 - What are the chances the guy with the computer ear warmer is playing WoW? He's got nerd written all over him.

1:21:55 - Hmmm... Threepio getting blasted doesn't seem like a good omen.

1:23:30 - Yoda and Obi-Wan (where's he been?) make some good points, but maybe now is the time to tell Luke what happened to his pops?

1:24:30 - "There is another," shouldn't Obi-Wan know this? He was there for the birth.

1:26:40 - Lando: (Looking at Threepio in pieces) "Having problem with your droid?" Han: "No, no problem, why?" Just great delivery by Han.

1:27:30 - I think this is Vader's high point of all the movies -- he doesn't even bother with his lightsaber. I do think a deleted scene of dinner would be fun.

1:29:30 - I love the wary look Lando gives Boba Fett. I don't see them having a beer after the torture session.

1:32:15 - At this point in the movie, I'm thinking that making Lando the first black character in the movies isn't a positive example of integration in sci-fi. Let's hope things improve for Interstellar Brother.

1:34:30 - Other than as a plot device, why does Vader keep Fett from shooting Chewie?

1:35:00 - And this scene explains why I always respond with "I know" when my girlfriends say they love me*.

1:36:00 - How did Han's hands get uncuffed during the freezing?

1:37:15 - "I'm altering the deal -- pray I don't alter it any further." Vader's just fing with Lando now, isn't he?

1:39:00 - If Luke's "learned so much", why isn't he using his lightsaber instead of his blaster?

1:40:00 - I think Vader is toying with Luke because he's just having fun**. He can't have had a lightsaber fight in years.

1:42:55 - Here's a trash-talking tip, Luke: If you say, "You'll find I'm full of surprises," don't follow it up with losing your lightsaber. It makes you look like a tool.

1:44:20 - After Luke knocks Vader off the ledge, why doesn't he go help Han and Leia? Wasn't that the point of this little trip?

1:45:00 - That music means playtime is over, Luke. So do the flying pieces of junk kicking the crap out of you.

1:45:45 - Luke, you're hanging on for dear life, but now is not the time to panic.

1:48:05 - Artoo commenting that Threepio has looked better while in the midst of the escape is why I love him.

1:48:50 - A pissed-off Vader is coming at you with a vengeance, still not the time to panic.

1:49:20 - You lost your hand and your lightsaber. Still not the time to panic.

1:50:10 - If there had been an Internet in 1980, "I am your father" would have broken it in half.

1:51:45 - You're hanging upside-down from an antenna on the bottom of a floating city. NOW you can panic.

1:53:55 - How do you know Michael Bay didn't direct this***? Lando doesn't say, "I'm getting too old for this shit" when he goes to get Luke.

1:55:50 - Is that Jon Cryer in an Imperial uniform? It sure looked like him.

1:57:00 - I know Luke is annoyed about being kept in the dark, but I think he's missing the bigger picture of VADER IS EVIL!

1:58:00 - The whole secondary plot (which I think would make for a HILARIOUS "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern" take on Star Wars) of Piett's rise to Admiral over the bodies of his predecessors has built to this moment -- the look of resigned terror he gives Vader. And then? Nothing. Pretty hilarious.

1:59:00 - So, Lando's taken Han's seat, his ship and now he's raiding his closet? That seems a bit over-the-top.

2:00:00 - I have to say, that was pretty sweet. It's hard to say it's better than Star Wars as it's so far advanced in both style and effects, but it is all kinds of awesome.

* And that explains why they don't continue to love me.
** Just like Brett Favre!
*** In addition to it not sucking and having zero quick-cuts or slo-mo.

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Chad W said...

You're right, Piett's career changes during ESB would make an awesome side story!