Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 NCAA Musings, Day 1 Live Blogging

8:03pm - I've been watching all of 30 seconds when i hear my first Bill Raftery, "Onions!" call. I love it!

8:05 - My 1st commercial break -- if hope the UPS guy is gone. If I have to watch that jackass again this year, tomorrow I'm punching the guy at my office who shares his haircut.

8:08 - Robert Morris, down by 3 with 40 seconds left in OT, STEALS the ball for a layup -- this is why I love March Madness!

8:11 - If you're playing the Raftery drinking game, drink again because of the inadvertent(?) innuendo, "he's really stroking it tonight"

8:13 - So, is the weekend getaway made sexier by the rental car? I would've thought getting screwed on unannounced fees would've killed the mood. Maybe paying 8$ per gallon on gas is a turn-on? This is the early leader in Annoying Ad of the Year.

8:15 - "They only lost on the scoreboard, Verne" Um, right. And on the court. Most importantly, though -- also on my bracket.

8:26 - The Applebee's commercial reminds that the Northern Exposure guy's voice just annoys the shit out of me. Jon Hamm, on the other hand, makes me think Don Draper is personally selling me a Mercedes. Very cool.

8:28 - An upset in the making! The AT&T 3G commercials look like they can upstage Enterprise!

8:30 - Wow, these internet halftime guys suck. Big time.

8:32 - These Sam Houston bastards (some SFA antagonism there) are trying to really screw with my bracket. Baylor needs to sack up and beat their junk triangle-and-2 zone. At least, in ultimate, it'd be a junk d.

8:36 - Apparently Sam Houston and Baylor both learned their 3-point shooting technique by watching me. This is ugly.

8:38 - How is it that we're in the second decade of this century and rec-specs are still hideous? This seems like a combined failure of nerds and fashionistas.

8:41 - Gilberto? Even in Puerto Rico that sounds like a name that forces a middle school kid to toughen up in a hurry.

8:46 - How does the "High Quality" player look so much worse than the Standard one?

8:54 - Vandy is really working hard to become my first wrong pick. There are a bunch of unhappy, white-cap-wearing douchebags in Nashvegas right now.

DAMMIT! Fing blogger just dropped several witty comments. Including me making fun of the UPS jackhole.

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