Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 NCAA Musings, Day 1 Live Blogging -- Part 2

9:22pm -- We've got ourselves another barn-burner here! Vandy is doing a great job of keeping Murray State in the game. If your team makes a run with the star on the bench, at what point do you bring him back in?

9:45 - Ouch. That sucks for Vandy and my bracket, rocks for me as a fan of hoops.

9:53 - I'll be less sanguine about a Baylor loss, though. I had them surviving the weekend.

10:10 - Talk about opposite ads -- Iron Man 2: exciting, lots of money into it, beautiful people and super cool-looking. UPS: A dude wearing a woman's haircut, this couldn't be lamer if it were FDR entered into a Charleston competition.

10:13 - If you're wondering if it's been a while since your team won an NCAA game, if the highlight photo is B&W of a white guy in shiny, tiny shorts, then it's been a looooong time.

10:20 - The Ivan Brothers writers apparently only had 30 seconds of material. Tubby gets the best line. If it weren't for the What Can Brown Do For You?*, Cap One would be in the top 3 for most annoying ads. Coke Zero is smart enough to shuffle 3 different ads.

10:25 - It's not a good omen for alumni donations when your hoops team is being taken behind the woodshed by the Marys. Ouch.

10:28 - 2 blowouts mean it's time for Breaking Bad...

* Make me want to punch the world's worst drag queen in the face, that's what.

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