Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 NCAA Musings, Day 3 Live Blogging -- Part 1

The combo of dinner with friends and a late day at work meant no NCAAs for me last night. Which is ok -- all the good games were on Thursday.

6:00 - One thing I hate about CBS -- they never show replays of bad calls during the NCAAs. Like the horrid opening tip toss.

6:18 - My tasty Mönchshof beer distracted me until a ludicrous three by one of the Aussie Marys.

6:20 - I realize that algae for fuel is a great idea, but it makes for a bad commericial. Unlike, say, cool new video games. Which are just short of having movie-quality graphics. Wow.

6:21 - "Betts, I'm buying a Mercedes because I'm living a lie" or that's what I heard Don saying. I think BMW should hire Roger to be their pitchman.

6:23 - I'm not sure why I've always cheered against 'Nova, but I have. I think it's because all Big (L)East teams annoy the crap out of me. Georgetown is at the top of the list, of course. Followed closely by Syracuse. So, I'm cheering for the Marys.

6:25 - The Boss Button rocks. Nice work, Scott Adams!

7:40 - Long call! But I'm back, baby! 9 minutes left and the Marys are down by 2. Not a good sign. Plus the damn Ivan brothers are back.

7:43 - "He walked and got away with it. I like the non-call" Well, Bill, if I wanted to see traveling go uncalled, I'd log onto Though they don't have free live streaming, because they don't want Germans watching their product.

7:45 - UPS saves "thousands of pounds" of CO2 emissions per day with more right turns? I find that a bit of a stretch. Especially coming from wig-boy.

7:58 - The Miller Light commercial is funny, but it perpetuates offensive stereotypes. What man would be dumb enough to be honest and say he would save his beer over his hot girlfriend? Give us some credit, Miller.

8:06 - "Miracle shot, a bank shot" - It doesn't count if you don't call it. And not to be racist, but it's not a good sign to be down 3 with 40 seconds left -- to a team with a bunch of short white guys. If sports movies have taught me anything, it's that THEY HIT FREE THROWS.

8:09 - I like Murray, but couldn't they get the Conchords, too? I'm thinking that they have free time.

8:10 - I forgot that 'Nova almost/should have lost to Robert Morris. Man, the Big East sucks.

8:11 - Unless you're an extra in "Slap Shot", the sweaty-bangs-two-color-mouthpiece look is a bad choice.

8:12 - "Life Remains"?!? 'Nova is down 4 with 12.6 seconds left, and Reggie Miller is out of college eligibility.

8:16 - Bad for the bracket, good for the soul -- another Big East team bites the dust. Cue Don Draper.

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