Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 NCAA Musings, Day 3 Live Blogging -- Part 2

8:18 - Microsoft isn't inspiring me with confidence that, apparently, their only cool feature is shaking a window to hide the others. Neat, but I've seen it & nothing else for 3 days.

8:35 - Murray St - Butler is tough to snark, since i like both. Hopefully there will be some jackholery to allow me to pick a side. Though Butler's beginning to show Murray where the woodshed is located.

8:41 - Is Obama getting blamed for the annoying Census ads? I think he should be.

8:51 - Lowe's, you need a better ad agency. Maybe you can get in touch with Buick's "We are proud to distract our drivers from driving" agency. Just don't go with Team Wig Boy.

8:54 - "Canaan" is a great last name ("Land of", Boomer?), but The Sports Guy and Isaiah Thomas ruined "Isaiah" as a hoops name for me.

9:02 - One great thing about streaming on the interwebs is the awkward silences when the feed comes back before the tv feed. Good times.

9:04 - One of the downsides to March Madness is when a close game, like this one, is a yawner due to boring styles of play.

9:06 - Alabama has a state dunk competition? Is it mandatory to try to jump over a cow to win?

9:10 - Miller Lite has an iPhone app? Have they just accepted that their beer is going to suck and are now working on apps instead? It seems like a clear-headed move.

9:40 - Now that I've actually watched Don Draper's ad, I don't get it. Are they implying the Mercedes would allow you to survive the crash? It's a much better ad on radio.

9:49 - Great camera work to catch the fan waiting for a high five, then tapping his buddy to point out his hand.

9:59 "He makes a good defensive play, gets all ball. And some body." I love scrub announcers!

10:30 - A bad ending -- a turnover on the last-second play is sooooo anticlimactic.

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