Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kaiser Waffles: Beckenbauer Changes His Tune

Back in October 2008, Kevin Kuranyi was kicked off the German national soccer team for leaving the stadium at halftime, angry that he hadn't even made the bench. In response, Coach Joachim Löw banned him from the team as long as he was coach.

At the time, Franz Beckenbauer, former star player/coach and head of the German Soccer Federation, said "He not only let the coach down but also his teammates. I can't imagine he'll ever play again for Germany. He would have to go down on his knees to Jogi Löw."

Today, he said this:

"This categorical 'No' has always disturbed me," said Beckenbauer, a member of the football federation's board and still the most influential voice in German football. "A lifelong ban for a football player? I always thought this was stretching things."

Since Kuranyi has not gone down on his knees to the coach, this just makes Beckenbauer's status as a second-guesser even more solid. Remember, this is the guy who was unwilling to support Klinsmann -- until Klinsi's team made the semis of the 2006 World Cup. Then, of course, Becki claimed he'd always believed in Klinsi. Jackhole.

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