Wednesday, April 07, 2010

30 For 30 Review: King's Ransom

A few thoughts after watching the 1st 30 For 30 documentary, King's Ransom, about the trade of Wayne Gretzky to the Kings in 1988:

- Gretzky looks a lot like Corey Garrow

- Peter Berg apparently directed this while preparing for a role as Yasser Arafat. What a hideous beard -- it looks like some sort of facial fungus.

- The hair! Not only is most of the footage from the 80's, but it's Canada! Feathered parts, mullets, they're all on display!

- Both owners involved in the trade are sleazy -- The LA Kings owner defrauded six banks out of $200+ million dollars, and the Edmonton owner went bankrupt last year and had to be literally bailed out by his former coach/GM -- who was LIVID about the trade.

The Oilers got $15 mil for Gretzky, plus some players. The Kings immediately sold an extra 5,000 season tickets. Who got the better deal? Plus, the Oilers owner was reviled throughout Canada. Nice work, sparky.

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