Friday, April 02, 2010

What I Love About Opening Day

Red Sox Announce Plans To Return Fenway To Original 1912 Conditions
FBers go here for video. It's time for some Schadenfreude fandom! Two of my most hated fanbases, Spankees and Red Punx, will soon be out in full force. Few things in sports make me happier* than seeing these two teams lose. And since they play on opening day, I'm guaranteed to see one of them lose.

If you're wondering what my other most-hated fandoms are, here you go, with a reminder that I don't hate all the fans, just the asshats. So, Chad, Tobias, Court, et al, don't be too offended:
Eagles Fans
Jets Fans
Dutch fing soccer fans
Bayern Munich Fans
Bandwagon Fans of Any Rich Team -- Real Madrid, Chelsea, Lakers, etc.
80s Celtics fans outside Boston (yes, I do have issues)
Devils Fans
Obsessive fans of college football teams who didn't attend that college
Pretty much everyone

* USA soccer wins and cheerleader cams being two of them

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you're gonna love what Ill be wearing next time we meet!