Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Year of Good Books, Redux: March

What am I doing this weekend? Catching up on my reading... -themed posts. FBers go HERE for pics.

March was a significantly more prolific month -- I needed to get the taste of "Fall of Hyperion" out of my mind.

Olivia Judson is HI-larious. Go, buy this book and learn a lot more about the bizarre sex lives of the organisms around us. Written as a series of Dear Abby-style letters and responses from a variety of species, this covers an amazing bit of ground. You'll be glad you're not driven by evolutionary pressures* to throw yourself into the jaws of your mate during copulation to increase your chances of reproducing. And if you think I'm bad at cock blocking, I don't actually have my junk break off during sex to physically prevent the next guy from sowing his oats.

Timothy Zahn writes some great Star Wars novels, but this wasnt one of them. It's a fun, quick read, but his "bad guy" is a bit cartoonish. And it's light on the lightsabering, which is a bummer.

I waited 8 months to read the second book in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I didn't want to be drawn into another epic fantasy series like The Wheel of Time. I should've waited longer, since while "A Game of Thrones" was good, "A Clash of Kings" is freakin' good. And "A Storm of Swords"? Wow. Martin writes fascinating characters, and none are safe. Be warned, though. These are literary Lays -- you're not going to want to read just one. Unfortunately, he's been working on the next book for 5 years. On the bright side, HBO is turning these into a new series. Since they're filled with sex, violence and political intrigue, they seem perfect for HBO.

A female Indiana Jones/Sherlock Holmes combo in Victorian-era Egypt? Sure, why not? It's an easy read, though it skews a bit too much to the romance side for me. I'm not sure I'll read any of the many sequels, but it was fun.

SO? What's the story? A good month of reading, actually.

* Or, in Texas and Kansas, creationary/intelligent designary pressures.

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