Sunday, May 02, 2010

Your Guide To Ultimate Captain-Speak, Part 1

While at the latest Ultimate DeLux Training Camp, I realized that there are many euphemisms that captains and coaches use that may not be clear to non-native speakers, or to players new to team sports. So, here are a few of the most common.

What They SAY: Nice try!
What They MEAN: Wow! You do suck.

What They SAY: C'mon, you can do better!
What They MEAN: No, you can't. You'd better bring a comfortable chair to tournaments.

What They SAY: I can't play because my ankle is still hurt.
What They MEAN: I'm too hungover to run.

What They SAY: I'm so excited about this team!
What They MEAN: My other team didn't qualify for Worlds

What They SAY: JT, patience!
What They MEAN: Ugh, here comes another stupid huck. I hope these light posts are sturdy.

What They SAY: Lauf! Lauf!
What They MEAN: Well, I guess we'll be on O the next point.

What They SAY: Don't forget about your dump.
What They MEAN: You should never look for anything except a dump.

What They SAY: The team is really improving
What They MEAN: I'm moving to Vancouver.

If you're confused about other statements, feel free to ask!

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