Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Ultimate deLux - Part 1

Worlds start a week from today (at 8-freaking-30 am!), and I want my readers (both of you!) to meet the team, since I think they're pretty awesome. I'll go in alphabetical order, because I'm boring. I'm not going to say too much about on-field play, as our opponents might be scouting us online and I don't want to give away secrets*.

FBers go HERE for videos, photos and links


(I should've remembered that Big Dog doesn't like to be called Scampi)
Nickname(s): Big Dog, Scampi (not a good idea)
Best Throw: Anything done while bouncing.
Why He's Awesome: There are, of course, many reasons, but the best is that the first time he played with deLux, we played a post-game game with an Italian team where Meryl was blindfolded and had to identify 4 guys on the team only by grabbing their asses. The first was short and so she guessed me (or Martin, I forget). But the next 3 she kept saying, "Adriano?" with a hopeful, smitten tone in her voice that no one could forget. She may deny it, but we have witnesses. Also, he's soooooo good on the field and fun off it. But that is all best summed up by grabbing an ass and saying, "Adriano?" And be on the lookout for his alter ego, Clark. He's pretty hilarious.

Ann Christine

(Why is Big Dog grabbing his junk and looking dazed? And wtf is up with Meesh and Frauzi?)
Nickname(s): AC. Which is kind of lame, but we're working on it.
Best Throw: The high backhand. As a short guy, I like to tell myself I can still throw high backhands over tall guys**, but AC actually does it.
Why She's Awesome: She is the massage QUEEN! In Geneva, every time we couldn't find AC, she'd be getting a massage. I think she averaged 2 or 3 per day. To be fair, Till didn't seem at all unhappy about the situation. Also, AC always has a mischievous smile that makes me wonder what she's up to.


(Bob taking the Duke out for some air in Amsterdam)
Nickname(s): The Duke!
Best Throw: Sweeeeeet forehand hucks.
Why He's Awesome: Jules and I actually thought he was the Duke of Luxembourg when we first met. Sure, we're gullible, but he's quite dignified. He's also top of the table in the Teammates You Want To Travel With league (Most of the old sallaD and Ovary Action players were relegated). Everybody loves the Duke!


(Everything's coming up Milhouse!)
Nickname(s): TBD. This is something I'm really, really embarrassed about. The problem is that it's been so long, he's earned an awesome nickname. But you can call him Milhouse if he's wearing flood pants.
Best Throw: Increasingly, all of them.
Why He's Awesome: Let's see, is it the awesome jerseys he designed? Is it his solid heckling? His rapidly improving play? Good attitude? No. I would say I like him. He has balls. I like balls***. And he laughed when I posted the Milhouse link with his photo.

* Riiiiiiiiiight.
** It's a big lie.
*** From Team America. He's also awesome because we like so many of the same movies.

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