Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Ultimate deLux - Part 2

Day 2, and remember, each day the names get further in the alphabet and nudity gets more likely!

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(Apparently the elf hat allows Dani to see dead people)
Nickname(s): Wu? We need to work on this. I like Skillz, because he pivots like a Greek God*
Best Throw: Anything done while in a yoga stretch.
Why He's Awesome: Though quiet, Dani's quite hilarious. He's also insightful and has given lots of good feedback. Except for telling Meryl that I suck. That's just not right. Well, it *IS* correct, but uncool.


(This is why Santa electrifies his fences)
Nickname(s): Blu-Ray, Menage, Dav -- he collects these like Meryl collects tournament crushes.
Best Throw: Inside out flick. Sucka!
Why He's Awesome: Great host, great cook, cuts deep, cuts short, plays D. But I've never heard him sing. So that might be his weakness. Tip for our opponents -- challenge him to karaoke.


(I told you the forehand was tasty)
Nickname(s): None. I'm stuck on this one.
Best Throw: Tasty forehands!
Why She's Awesome: Steve had long been the nicest person on the team, but I've finally turned him to the dark side. Franzi, though, is always smiling and supportive. Having her on the team is like taking a Xanax while playing with a puppy -- instant happiness**


(Frauzi can't go 5 minutes without balancing on something)
Nickname(s): Frauzi, I guess. Also, Energizer Bunny, since she never loses energy.
Best Throw: After Windmill, I'd have to say her pull. Winning a contest will do that.
Why She's Awesome: It's not her great play, because she selfishly injured her knee and will miss worlds. So, it's her relentless cheering and support on the sidelines.


(Just look how excited he is to steal one of my elf votes! And how everyone else can't wait to hear the next name)
Nickname(s): NOT Freak, as that's lame. Well, not yet. It's a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency nickname.
Best Throw: Up for debate, but after playing against him, I can say he'll catch pretty much anything.
Why He's Awesome: I was skeptical that he would fit in so late in the season, but I think it took him all of 2 minutes to be part of the team. He even heckles Meryl and is a strong elf candidate!

* Scooberus, the god of handling. And god of captain annoyance.
** Though with no side effects and no hassle of housebreaking!

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