Sunday, June 27, 2010

Self-googling Results

I decided to google myself this afternoon, and the results were shocking -- there are a lot of JT Richardsons floating around. Here's what I found:

The actor - Have you wondered what I would be like if I were a former football player turned actor? Or I was black? Well, wonder no more.

The biochemist - Apparently not all JT Richardsons are crap at chemistry lab work.

The cat - At least, that's his Facebook photo.

The sociology of religion guy - I wonder if he believes in Jebus?

The dead guy - I guess the rumors of my demise were NOT greatly exaggerated. At least one JT Richardson got married!

The Twitter guy - In his own words, he's "Technology/nature/cycling/music lover". Seems reasonable enough.

and finally,

The Jackhole - This one just feels right.

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