Saturday, June 26, 2010

USA Fan Pre-Game Warmup

Just like the US soccer team has a preset gameday routine, so does this US Soccer fan:

Wake-up Call: This is variable, depending on the day. On weekends, there's no wakeup, but on weekdays or tournament days, there may be an alarm. No matter, the snooze button isn't just allowed, it's encouraged*.

Breakfast: Available from wake-up until 10am, when the cafeteria is closed. However, fans have espresso drinks on weekdays and brewed coffee on weekends until the games begin. And sometimes after.

Lunch: One of the 3 most important meals of the day, the selection varies. Sometimes a sandwich, sometimes Indian, but recently it's been salad**.

Pre-Game Beer: Adaptability is the key here. You take what's available. So far, it's been Heineken***, Dos Equis Dark, and Beck's. God willing, there'll be a Budvar Dark on tap for an upcoming game.

Lying To Oneself: The actual lies vary, but tend to be of the "I'm not going to turn into a stressed-out psycho fan" or "I'll keep my cursing to a minimum". Which raises an interesting question -- is it really a lie if I know it's not true at the time I tell it to myself?

Then once all this is out of the way... kick-off!

* Like there's no tomorrow.
** Which explains why I haven't been winning many friends
*** In Amsterdam, cut me some slack

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