Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windmill Windup 2010 Wrap-Up

FBers go HERE for photos and links. Big Dog should be happy about this turn-around. But he'll probably still whine about something.

Ultimate deLux had our last prep tournament before Worlds, Windmill Windup in Amsterdam. How was our 3rd year in the 'dam?

Travel: I arrived Thursday afternoon in the 'dam, so I wasn't planning on doing any touring, just having a tasty dinner. This was delayed by Fred, who decided to shave his chest again before leaving. But the food was great, and it was fun to hang out with the gang a bit, even if I was exhausted by the time I went to bed. And, yes, I am old*.

Party: Much lamer than the previous two, but part of this was due to me leaving early and also missing an hour for captain talk (decision: let's stop getting injured). But I did see the USA tie England, so there's that. AC did some great elf-dancing, and I was thrilled to see 2 cool shirts: WWXD (What Would Xena Do?) and Camel Toe (a picture of a camel and a tow truck).

Play: We played very sporadically. We got crushed by Codhands, but it should've been much closer only we had a lot of drops. How many? I had 3 D's -- in my first point. That's not good for anybody. We again had injuries, which was annoying. We also lost 3 games we should've won, a first for us. We choked against Ouf's zone to miss the quarters, then lost consecutive universe points to 2600 and Principality of Seeland. Very, very frustrating. Why? Let's just say we never lost 2 universe points in a row under Chunk. Of course, we didn't get to play in the 9-16 bracket under him, either. I think the real blame lies with Giggles and the Gimp for not being there.

Selfishness Report: Here are the injuries, and their explanations (not necessarily what was claimed by the injured party):
  • Meike: Still fighting an ankle sprain, but she took one for the team and did stats.
  • JT: Recurrence of the Ankle injury, also knee pain. I'm falling apart. Meryl has started calling me "Old Yeller" -- and Tobi was hanging around a lot. Not good.
  • Torben: Torn ab muscle meant that Flash (ah-ah!) missed Sunday.
  • Martin: Knee, played on Saturday and Sunday. I think he had a bit of "the best medicine" on Friday night.

Team Fun:  More good times, including a monster team meal on Friday night and an elf vote that intrigued the TD. Speaking of the elf vote, a lost vote in the hat might've robbed your favorite blogger** of his first elf vote victory. Since Tammy is the favorite in Prague, I'm going to have to step up my game*** to have a shot. However, Benny & Lord Surly made an appearance, so it was lots of fun. I do love me some OC****.

Smoking:  No one actually visited a coffeeshop, though the Bob-Marley-sized spliff in the player pack might've been smoked. I can't say for sure, since I was screaming "Suck it, Limeys!" during the time in question.

Photos:  Enjoy!

** I'm assuming you only read this blog and no others.
*** My "game" consists mainly of cursing.
**** Caaaaalifornia!

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