Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Argentina - South Korea

My first chance to see Argentina's brave efforts to overcome Maradona's "coaching"! Let's get to it.

2:00 - Messi just stands around as the throw-in goes over his head. He couldn't look less psyched. Bravo Diego!

6:30 - Argentina is looking surprisingly confident. Look for Diego to sub someone out soon. They are dangerously close to competence.

9:25 - Sweet tackle, American football-style, by 19. If you're going to get a yellow, make it count. Nice work! Apparently, the Koreans are taking a page out of Germany's 1990 World Cup final against Diego.

12:00 - Heinze (Number 6) for Argentina is showing respect for his coach by wearing a throwback haircut from the 80s -- To quote Pepper from Dodgeball, "It's gotta be the hair. It's beautiful. Feathered and lethal. You just don't see it nowadays."

16:15 - Own goal! Let's just say that it's good this happened to SOUTH Korea. Still, the keeper should've had that.

16:50 - And to make up for it, he makes a lame gratuitous dive at a ball 5 meters away from him on the restart. Face saved!

23:00 - Walter Samuel is injured, who will play the role of 2 First Names for Los Albicestes?

24:45 - Apparently Diego told the team, "Let's hit our crosses straight at the keeper." To their credit, they've listened to him so far.

26:30 - The Korean coach apparently told his team, "Let's foul Messi like there's no tomorrow."

33:00 - The Korean strategy of guarding the 2 guys closest to the goal with one defender pays off! For Argentina. They're kind of crapping the bed on this one. By "kind of", I mean "doing everything they can to".

37:00 - Aaaaannnnndddd... Argentina is into full "let's screw with the ball" mode.

39:00 - OK, I spoke too soon. That was a wicked-hard shot (though right at the keeper).

44:00 - That's why everyone (except Diego) loves Messi. Wow.

45:00 - Let that be a lesson to you kids out there -- don't screw with the ball in front of the goal.

I think I'm going to pass on blogging the second half. I'm beginning to feel bad for this Korean goalie.

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