Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Brazil - North Korea 1st Half

7:00 - 2 minutes in for me, and Brazil has already shown why they dominate in Shots 5 Meters Wide. Do they practice on super-wide goals to increase their confidence or something?

10:30 - That's a great shot by the Reds... if you're playing England. Against a sober keeper, that's an easy save.

12:00 - I've been watching less than 10 minutes and this already has the looks of the 2nd half of the USA-Brazil game at the Confed Cup

15:15 - The North Koreans' 5-4-1 is the soccer equivalent of eating a big block of cheese. It stops the action, but you're not going to feel good about it.

19:00 - I don't think that Dunga should be allowed to pick out his own clothes. He looks like an extra from "Popeye".

21:15 - Wow. What a crap pass from Kaká. No pressure, and that killed a great counter.

24:00 - Wow. ANOTHER crap pass from Kaká to kill an attack, again with no pressure.

25:20 - That was a, um, confident shot by North Korea. Those off-balance shots from a few feet off the sideline are always dangerous. To unsuspecting fans.

28:30 - That's new. I've never seen a Brazilian flop playing defense before, but Kaká just tried it.

35:00 - The longer Brazil goes without a goal, the more likely they are to check out. I see them as only slightly mentally stronger than Glenn Beck.

45:00 - Anyone else keep hearing Kim Il Jong singing "I'm Ronery"? Maybe it's just me.

OK, I'm going to spend halftime watching The Game of Their Lives about the 1966 team that beat Italy and almost beat Portugal in the quarters.

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