Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Germany - Ghana 1st Half

Ok, I was going to watch this out at a bar, but decided not to -- chances were too high of me partying the night away after Landon sacked the eff up. Wow!

8:00 - I like the black unis for the Germans. Very slimming.

9:30 - There are 2 keys to short corners -- pass to your team and don't let Müller get involved. I'm still waiting for him to not suck against a good team*.

12:45 - Just saw the Ghana Boateng. I assume this is the first time (half-?) brothers have faced off in a World Cup?

13:15 - A lesson to you kids watching out there -- don't wait for the ball or you will miss your chance to score in a World Cup. D'oh!

23:30 - Ghana's going to rue wasting that opportunity...

24:30 - But not as much as Germany will waste that one. Ouch.

31:00 - Soooooo, this game is interesting and all, but quite a letdown from the USA game.

38:00 - The old Germany special -- an uncalled handball on the goal line! Way to hit it old-school, Lahm!

40:30 - That was sketchy as a foul, much less a card. He got the ball before he touched him. Looks like Germany isn't going to be able to blame the refs for this one.

45:00 - OK, I'm switching to Wimbledon for the insane Mahut-Isner match that's at 52-53 in the 5th. Holy crap.

* No, Australia, you don't count.


Chad W said...

Lahm, Frings, what's the difference, eh?


I just looked at the score and right now they are tied at 58 in the fifth set. That is 58 GAMES! Their match will go down as one for the ages.

jtingermany said...

So glad we're on the opposite side of the bracket from Mexico, Argentina, England and Germany. Suckas!

It's cool the guys decided to finish the monster Wimbledon match tomorrow after hitting 59-59. Since the "average" Wimbledon match probably has 40 games, they've just played the equivalent of three matches -- in one set.