Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Germany - Ghana 2nd Half

Soccer break, for the longest tennis match I've been aware of in my lifetime.

Mahut - Isner, now 54-all in the 5th, and 9 hours, 20 minutes. Now, THAT's a day's work.

54-55: These guys should get triple pay. Take it away from someone that merely played 3 sets.

57-56: Insane.

59:00 - I finally decided to check a game BEFORE a goal was scored. Nice shot by Özil!

60:15 - Ouch, Germany almost gave it right back.

68:00 - I like this score -- puts the USA vs Ghana. Assuming that the refs can stop taking away our goals, that would be good for us.

73:00 - The announcer needs to settle the fuck down -- "Perfekt für Cacau!"* is a bit strong when the ball is 10m in front of the guy.

74:00 - Australia is taking a page from South Africa's book and making a late run. That pretty much eliminates Serbia.

77:00 - Podolski has been Sir Sucks-a-lot, hasn't he?

89:00 - Got distracted, now back for the finish -- England vs Germany, should be a good one! The UK are already worried about the chances of PKs!

91:00 - SO, USA-Ghana is ON! Time to get some payback for 2006! And Mahut-Isner will go on for a THIRD day. Insane.

* "Perfect for Cacau!"

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