Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Italy - Paraguay

Ok, I'm starting a bit late. but such is life.  FBers go HERE for the whole post, including links.

12:00 - Daniele DeRossi apparently is more comfortable giving cheap shots than receiving them. At least, I don't remember him flopping and whining like a punk bitch in the 2006 World Cup when he gave McBride a bloody nose. On the bright side, he looks a lot like Will Ferrell as a homeless man with his beard.

19:45 - Paraguay has mounted an "attack" and they look slightly less imposing than the Belgian army in 1940. The net efficacy has been the same so far.

21:59 - Holy crap, that guy looks exactly like Dan Saenz. If he pulls both hamstrings simultaneously I'll be suspicious.

23:45 - When Lippi looked up, I expected him to say, "Nice beaver!". The German commentator apparently doesn't share my love of Frank Drebin jokes.

26:50 - 6 straight touches between the teams without ground contact -- and the ball crossed midfield 3 times. That was fun.

27:30 - Do they even check birth certificates for Italian nationality or just walk next to a person, and those that fall and feign injury get passports?

- You know what I miss? Luca Toni's "dago mustache".

38:20 - Fortunately, I stopped looking for Chris Farley videos long enough to see de Rossi get skyed for a goal. That's a shame.

45:00 - Buffon apparently is allowed one goal per game, and then he gets yanked. Not sure if he's hurt, or just out of hair gel.

50:00 - Apparently Tim Duncan has been working with the Italian team on their reactions to blatant fouls.

62:30 - Paraguay is boldly eschewing the man at the back post, relying on their D.

62:31 - Oops. Too bad their keeper can't read the ball.

64:30 - Feeling the heady rush of the goal, the Italians immediately charge back to flop in the box rather than make an effort. Bravo.

69:45 - Classic Camoranesi -- come in late, intentionally stomp the guy, weasel out of a card.

85:00 - OK, the game got boring, so I watched John Oliver of The Daily Show visit the US Soccer training camp. Good times. Back at the game, both teams clearly have better ticket distribution systems than the USA and England, or at least more attractive female fans than the USA and England.

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